[{"id": 47, "name": "Central Harbourfront Event Space"}, {"id": 105, "name": "Unique Group"}, {"id": 106, "name": "MGZ Theater100"}, {"id": 107, "name": "MGZ PacificRoom"}, {"id": 108, "name": "Chakri Raintree Skybar, Rooftop (Dorsett Hartamas)"}, {"id": 92, "name": "Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya"}, {"id": 94, "name": "Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur"}, {"id": 96, "name": "Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Kuala Lumpur"}, {"id": 98, "name": "Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre"}, {"id": 100, "name": "IOI Grand Exhibition & Convention Centre"}, {"id": 102, "name": "GF Robotics Malaysia"}, {"id": 104, "name": "The Event Company"}, {"id": 77, "name": "All Day Gym Causeway Bay"}, {"id": 78, "name": "Rhythm & Motion"}, {"id": 79, "name": "Bao Institue of Culinary Arts"}, {"id": 80, "name": "Soundcheck Studios"}, {"id": 81, "name": "Lightbox Studios"}, {"id": 82, "name": "The Cue Club"}, {"id": 83, "name": "Serenity Yoga Studio"}, {"id": 15, "name": "MozArt Music "}, {"id": 68, "name": "Lai Chi Kok 24 Hour Gym"}, {"id": 46, "name": "3/F Grand Hall, HKCEC"}, {"id": 85, "name": "GFAI - Laksi"}, {"id": 87, "name": "GFAI Working #1 (Paid)"}, {"id": 88, "name": "GFAI Working #2 (Free)"}, {"id": 89, "name": "Europe C Workshop"}, {"id": 90, "name": "Check in Kiosk"}, {"id": 8, "name": "WhyWork Coworking Space"}, {"id": 76, "name": "Singapore Meeting Room"}, {"id": 34, "name": "BooknMeet Workshop"}, {"id": 56, "name": "VIP Club"}, {"id": 59, "name": "Dataran 32SQ"}, {"id": 62, "name": "Exhibition Booth"}, {"id": 63, "name": "City Hub"}, {"id": 75, "name": "Prime Security"}, {"id": 38, "name": "VRCN Thailand"}, {"id": 9, "name": "Others"}, {"id": 20, "name": "Virtual Event Promotion"}, {"id": 25, "name": "Tour Outpost"}, {"id": 11, "name": "A1 Study"}, {"id": 12, "name": "Table Tennis Court"}, {"id": 13, "name": "Let's Party"}, {"id": 14, "name": "Shooting Range"}, {"id": 22, "name": "Growing Office Space"}]