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Empower Users with Convenient but Secure Mobile Visitor Pass Issuance @BooknMeet

Virtual visitor cards in fixed codes are popular but could be easily duplicated and compromised.  VRCN’s BooknMeet e-platform deploys two factors in secure issuance of visitor passes.

  1. First, the virtual card needs to go through OTP verification before opening in a web browser. 

  2. Second, the virtual card is in the form of dynamic QR code which keeps changing every 5 second to combat copying.

Any forwarding attempt would be recognized by our platform and intercepted by OTP verification.

BooknMeet provides a fully automatic, simple but secure tool in the last mile of un-manned visitor accreditation. Visitors simply present their virtual passes against readers located at mobile sites, turnstiles or venues while the system built-up needs no traditional physical door access controllers.

BooknMeet enables users to book appropriate facilities and issue visitor passes easily and securely

 To understand more our innovative system and get a touch with it, you are most welcome to visit us at the coming Safety & Security Asia Exhibition at Architecture & Building Services 2022 in Singapore.

  • Booth:   D07

  • Time:    November 16 - 18, 2022

  • Venue:   Sands Expo, Singapore

Click the "Register" button on the upper right hand corner and get your Browser-Based Visitor Pass and play with our system at the show!

In addition, WhatsApp issuance of visitor passes will be showcased in our another on-premises solution via mobile in our new idLink Plus solution series.

Write to Jack Wong at to get more information.


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