Idlink Plus On-Premises Solutions Intrigued Huge Interest at INTERSEC Dubai 2023

Opening Doors with Dynamic QR Code changing every 3 - 5 seconds and high performance encrypted Bluetooth without any physical door access controllers is what VRCN Ltd. pursuing to offer in the digital connected world. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our joint force with Rfera Technology Sdn Bhd and establish our new affiliate, Idlink Plus Pte Ltd. in Singapore to offer new on-premises solutions for smart venue access and building integration.

The first two are the Digital Authenticator and Smart BLE Door Lock systems. Virtual card issuance to mobile phones with access right provisioning could be all configured over there on one App and shared via mass social media platform such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, etc. while installation on-site is totally offline.

You shall discover how the latest mobile, BLE, secure non-UID encryption and cloud technologies could be applied to re-define physical access control applications for the mass market without the burden of installing costly hardware such as door controllers.

Write to us at or in order to obtain further information. More new exciting solutions will be coming in the next quarter.

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