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Reason to use Event Platform for In-Person Events

Reasons to Use Event Platforms for In-Person Events

In-person and virtual events require different setups, and as an event planner, it's important to recognize this distinction. Before diving into tasks like booking public addresses or coordinating with venues, consider how you'll measure outcomes from in-person events. Tracking attendee engagement and metrics is crucial, especially given the influence of COVID-19. Many in-person events now incorporate digital elements, often through event platforms. While you might assume that in-person events don't need digital platforms, it's worth considering. Event planners are increasingly relying on event platforms for the following reasons.

What's an Event platform?

An interactive and flexible software solution that equips event organizers with customizable tools to create and host virtual conferences, meetings, and other event types.

Reasons to Choose Platforms:

1. Expand Reach: Event platforms enable in-person events to attract a global audience, boosting ticket sales.

2. Better Data: Event platforms gather attendee data, engagement, and demographics in one dashboard, aiding lead nurturing.

3. Simplified Tickets: Manage tickets easily with scannable QR codes for streamlined check-in.

4. Networking Made Easy: Attendees can share information digitally, while still focusing on face-to-face connections.

5. Environmental Impact: Event platforms reduce space needs, minimizing waste and carbon footprint.

6. Enhanced Metrics: Platforms provide detailed reports on attendance, engagement, and feedback for future improvements.

7. Adaptability: Event platforms allow quick transitions to online events during unexpected disruptions.

8. Increased Engagement: Platforms encourage attendee interaction, fostering meaningful discussions.

9. Lead Generation: Simplified lead collection and tracking for better post-event follow-ups.

10. Integration: Platforms align with other tools, aiding lead management and outreach.

11. Schedule Management: Attendees can personalize their event experience and access session materials through the platform.

12. Sponsor Benefits: Event platforms offer sponsors more visibility and promotional opportunities.


Benefits of Event Platforms

1. Time Saving: Centralized tasks on the platform save time for teams and attendees.

2. Simple Management: Dedicated event platforms streamline communication, collaboration, and outreach.

3. Cost-Efficient: Platforms help track expenses and ROI, optimizing event budgets.

4. Automation: Automated tasks reduce workload and errors, freeing up more time for creativity.

5. Professionalism: Using event software presents a polished image and ensures consistent experiences.

6. Data-Driven Improvements: Data analysis guides enhancements for future events, catering to audience preferences.

7. Engaging Audience: Event platforms foster engagement through pre-event emails, interactive tools, and ongoing conversations.

In conclusion, event platforms offer data collection, enhance attendee experiences, and boost lead generation, proving invaluable for event success. Their integration simplifies processes and increases productivity, leading to well-managed and streamlined events.

Whether you’re in the midst of planning your next event and need support, or have any questions about BooknMeet's event platform, we’re happy to help.

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